Take Action to Restore the Clean Water Act
Take Action to Restore the Clean Water Act
Jessica Dexter - Washington, D.C.

Which waters are most worth protecting? The answer is fundamental to safeguarding America’s creeks, brooks, streams and wetlands. Take action today to protect  America’s waters.

The Clean Water Act was designed to protect our water – from the Mighty Mississippi to your neighborhood creek – but rollbacks over the past decade have eroded the law, leaving the drinking water sources for over 100 million people unprotected. Creeks, brooks and streams make up more than half the river-miles in the nation and flow into larger waterways like rivers and lakes. They also provide vital services, like filtering pollution, reducing the risk of flooding and providing important wildlife habitat.

The U.S. EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have proposed updated standards for determining which waters deserve protection under the Clean Water Act. If adopted, the “new” standard would restore the Clean Water Act to its original intent.  You can help ensure this new standard is adopted by submitting a public comment before July 17th.

This is a big deal. Anglers spend $45 billion annually to fish all kinds of waters. Manufacturing companies use 9 trillion gallons of fresh water every year. Farmers depend on freshwater for irrigation. A third of all Americans visit coastal areas each year, spending about $44 billion. A healthy economy very much depends on a healthy environment. Water resources are so interconnected that we cannot hope to protect our celebrated waterways – the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – without also protecting the backyard brooks, community creeks and steady streams that feed them. Take action today to restore the Clean Water Act.


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