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Recent Press Coverage About the Issues on InOurWater.org


Downloadable Materials for Reporters (in development)

We encourage reporters to use our text, professional print-quality photos, and high-resolution video footage to supplement their reporting on Indiana water quality issues. Just click the story location/headline below to download a zipped file that includes all three. For photos, please credit InOurWater.org. If you have any questions, contact Katie Coleman at (312) 795-3710.

Anderson, IN - "West Fork of the White River - A River Under Siege"

Bedford, IN - "Fishing on the East Fork of the White River"

Carlisle, IN - "Bear Run Mine Could Be Putting Hoosiers At Risk"

Claypool, IN - "Factory Farms Threaten Koscuisko County Lakes and Streams"

Franklin, IN - "Damaging Johnson County Creeks and Streams"

Indianapolis, IN - "Phosphorus Pollution and Algae Blooms in the Geist Reservoir"

Merom, IN - "Coal Plant Pollution in Turtle Creek Reservoir"

Milltown, IN - "The Blue River Project"

Waveland, IN - "Clean Water Means Business on Sugar Creek"

Winamac, IN - "Protecting Wildlife and Recreation on the Tippecanoe"


Recent Press Coverage About the Issues on InOurWater.org

The Star Press -IDEM, DNR investigate fish kill
On June 18, the Star Press reported that the Indiana agencies for environmental management and natural resources were investigating the cause of a fish kill in Bell Creek east of Daleville. The state found "what appeared to be a kill of all species present in the water" for about 4.5 miles. Test results are expected soon, but in the meantime the state says citizens should avoid contact with the creek.

Indianapolis Star Editorial - Indiana's water cleanup efforts a trickle compared to other states
This June 5, 2012, editorial from the IndyStar rips the state for spending more time explaining why they can't take care of waterways instead of investing in their protection.

Indianapolis Star - How clean are Indiana's waterways?
The Indianapolis Star reported on the state of Indiana's waterways.

Indianapolis Star - Is Bear Run coal mine putting Hoosiers at risk?
The Indianapolis Star reported on Indiana's hands-off approach to the Bear Run Coal Mine -- soon to become both the largest and least regulated coal mines in the Eastern United States.

Indianapolis Star - Environmental group: Runoff harming Geist
The Indianapolis Star reported on phosphorus pollution and algae blooms in the Geist Reservoir. The Geist Reservoir provides drinking water to Indianapolis and is a popular place for boating and recreation, but the reservoir is fouled each summer with algae blooms and toxic bacteria created by excessive phosphorus pollution.

MSNBC and WTHR-TV 13 - Report names Geist, other waterways as polluted
MSNBC and WTHR-TV 13 cited ELPC’s new Indiana water pollution study, IN Our Water, specifically highlighting Geist Reservoir’s toxic cyanobacteria and large algae blooms. The article went on to discuss pollution issues at Turtle Creek, lakes and rivers in Kosciusko County and Young’s Creek Watershed.

WISH-TV 8 and WANE-TV 15 – Group names Geist Reservoir a polluted waterway, seeks change in state laws.
WISH-TV 8 and WANE-TV 15 reported that ELPC seeks a change in state laws with their new study highlighting algae blooms in Geist Reservoir.  The Reservoir was named with three other polluted waterways in the study, IN Our Water

ABC 57 News airs ELPC’s In Our Water report on polluted water in Kosciusko County.
ABC featured a story on Kosciusko County, one of the four polluted areas highlighted in ELPC’s recent IN Our Water report, including coverage of the factory farm pollution issue.  Pollution from CAFOs threatens Kosciusko County’s famous lakes, which include the largest natural lake in Indiana, Lake Wawasee, and the deepest, Lake Tippecanoe.

WTWO News Channel 2  - ELPC lists Turtle Creek Reservoir as polluted.
Channel 2 aired a story highlighting ELPC’s IN Our Water report on coal plant cooling pond, Turtle Creek. Once a hot spot for bass fishing, fishing is now dead at Turtle Creek.  ELPC says it receives waste water and run-off from a nearby coal ash landfill created by Hoosier Energy’s Merom coal plant.

Great Lakes Echo – Personal Stories Highlight Water Pollution Issues in Indiana
Great Lakes Echo reports on how individual stories put a human spin on water issues; highlighting the economic and personal benefits of clean water, and the hardships stemming from polluted water.