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Hoosiers live and work on the water. Here they tell their stories - of keeping clean waters clean and of fighting to clean up where Indiana has failed.
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  • Indiana groups celebrate victory for waterways near Bear Run Coal Mine
    September 25 2013
    INDIANAPOLIS – The State of Indiana has failed to comply…
  • Victory! Indiana Adopts New Water Quality Standards
    April 16 2012
    Victory! Thanks in part to advocacy from Hoosiers, Indiana just…
  • Bear Run Mine Could Be Putting Hoosiers At Risk
    January 12 2012
    Act: Tell IDEM to Properly Watchdog the Bear Run Coal Mine …
  • The Blue River Project
    December 29 2011
    The Blue River of southern Indiana rumbles and tumbles swiftly…
  • West Fork of the White River - A River Under Seige
    December 29 2011
    Act: Ask the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for…
  • Coal Plant Pollution in Turtle Creek Reservoir
    October 7 2011
    Joe Trotter says that these days, the fishing is dead…

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The Northwest Indiana Times: Region responds to Flint water crisis
Posted Feb 05, 2016

The water crisis in Flint, Mich., has not gone unnoticed by the people of Northwest Indiana. At the Fresh County Market on East Columbus Drive in East Chicago, store manager Lynetta Holmes said “pallets and pallets” of water have been sold as part of an effort by East Chicago residents Kelvin Bride, Josey Herrera and friends to provide relief for those affected by the toxic levels of lead found in Flint’s drinking water. Since Jan. 23, Bride, 31, and Herrera, 34, have stood... Read More »
Inside Indiana Business: Water And Its Importance to The State of Indiana
Posted Jan 29, 2016

Water covers over 70 percent of the Earth's surface, yet it is one of our most scarce and valuable resources. We know we need it for our own personal survival, but how often is it considered in the survival of a business? Make no mistake, water is big business from both the resource commodity side and the corporate consumer side. Being mindful of its use and cost is especially critical when evaluating where to relocate or expand operations.Key criteria in site selection decisions nearly always... Read More »
WIVB: How to test the water quality in your home
Posted Jan 22, 2016

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The situation in Flint, Michigan has many people worried about their local municipal water. Under federal law and state law, Fort Wayne, Indiana’s water is tested for contaminates multiple times through the year. When it comes to lead, Flint’s water currently tests about 25 parts per billion. That means there are 25 particles of lead for every billion parts of water. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s nearly double... Read More »

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